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Paul on Obama Budget: We Need ‘a Reagan-esque Type of Recovery, and We’re Not Getting it’


Senator Rand Paul had low expectations for President Obama’s budget that was announced this morning, and offered his own plan on Fox News’ On the Record last night. “I’m not sure I have a lot of confidence that it’ll do much good for the country,” Paul told Greta Van Susteren, criticizing it as more of the same approach of higher taxes and new regulations.

“What we need is a Reagan-esque type of recovery, and we’re not getting it,” he said, saying that his budget would mean even more new jobs than were created than the Reagan presidency. Through an “enormous tax cut” that would include a flat 17 percent personal- and corporate-income tax, Paul said his budget would mean 11 million new jobs, to Reagan’s 8 million.

Paul also previewed his anticipated speech at Howard University, scheduled for later this morning. He said he will touch on the high African-American unemployment rate, drug decriminalization, and a less aggressive foreign policy.