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Williamson Talks Gun Control, Immigration Reform on All In with Chris Hayes


Last night on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes, National Review’s Kevin Williamson discussed the top two stories of the day: gun-control legislation and immigration reform.

“What I don’t understand is why the gun-control supporters don’t go where there’s support on the other side,” Williamson said on gun-control, explaining that there would be consensus on enforcing current gun laws and increasing penalties for illegal gun possession.

Later on in a discussion about immigration, Williamson suggested that conservatives may be coming around to reform, because the conservative establishment favors it and the grassroots don’t passionately oppose it. “I don’t think it’s as hot an issue as people think it is,” he said. “If you put the question of amnesty up, yeah, that gets the grassroots really riled up, but the question of the broader reform of the immigration system I don’t think drives people as crazy as things like, say, taxes or gun rights do.”


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