NRA President: ‘Private Sales and Gun Shows Are Not the Source’ of Criminal Gun Purchases

by Andrew Johnson

National Rifle Association president David Keene asserted on CNN last night that “private sales and gun shows are not the source” of guns secured by criminals and that background checks would do little to deter gun violence.

“I think the question is when you’re dealing with fundamental rights . . . if you’re going to put a burden and restriction on those rights, what do you get from it?” Keene asked Anderson Cooper. “Is there empirical evidence that while you say he might have been a criminal, is there empirical evidence that a lot of criminals buy firearms at gun shows? The answer to that question is there is not.”

He also disputed the oft-cited statistic that background checks have stopped 10,000 people from purchasing guns who shouldn’t have been allowed to, saying,”Many of these people were not prohibited. They were false positives as they call them. There were people that had their names confused with somebody else’s. There were mistakes; the system didn’t work very well.”

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