‘Where Do I Go For My Amnesty?’

by Peter Kirsanow

That’s the question put to Border Patrol agents by illegal immigrants captured crossing the border in Texas, according to a report by Texas radio station WOAI. Another illegal immigrant apprehended by the Border Patrol taunted agents in Spanish, “Obama’s going to let me go.”

Do these illegal immigrants know something the members of the Gang of Eight don’t?

Contrary to the assurances from Janet Napolitano, officials in this area of Texas maintain that the number of border crossings by illegal immigrants is “way up.” Imagine that. What could possibly be causing that to happen?

Truthfully, does any of the above surprise anybody? Anybody at all? Accordingly, my narrow-minded, bigoted, hateful, myopic, and simplistic approach to any immigration reform bill is, “No fence, no sale.”

And that fence must be built first. A real fence. A complete fence. Certified as such not by Janet Napolitano or any other government functionary or politician, but by a team of ordinary American border residents, retired Border Patrol agents, and construction inspectors supervised by Mark Steyn, Mark Krikorian, and Victor Davis Hanson. Throw in a retired SEAL or two.

It’s a shovel-ready project. They said in 2007 it would be built by now. Fooled (some of) us again.

 Build it. Then we’ll talk about “reform” that benefits America, not the electoral prospects of politicians.

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