Meh . . .

by Mark Steyn

Jay, not to get all competitive about that Salon twit’s slur on NR’s Gosnell commentary, I see I also wrote this in January 2012 — or, in pro-choice-speak, five trimesters ago:

Santorum’s respect for all life, including even the smallest bleakest meanest two-hour life, speaks well for him, especially in comparison with his fellow Pennsylvanian, the accused mass murderer Kermit Gosnell, an industrial-scale abortionist at a Philadelphia charnel house who plunged scissors into the spinal cords of healthy delivered babies. Few of Gosnell’s employees seemed to find anything “weird” about that: Indeed, they helped him out by tossing their remains in jars and bags piled up in freezers and cupboards.

That’s what pro-choicers like Donna Brazile need to ask themselves: Why is it “weird” to think that in a civilized society plunging scissors into the spinal cords of dozens and dozens of healthy, delivered babies ought to be front-page and network news?

Here are two views of the Gosnell story’s importance. Since January 2011, this lady has written almost two dozen posts on the subject, whereas this lady dispenses with the subject in a single Tweet:


Here is the District Attorney’s report to the grand jury*. Look at the bodies on pages 85 and 102, or the severed feet on page 74, or the head with “snipped” neck on page 115.

But as Ms Byrne and too much of America says, meh.

And so a progressive society evolves, from the me-generation to the meh-generation.

[*Actually, the report of the grand jury. My apologies for the error. I'm happy to say, unlike my friend Conrad Black, I have a limited acquaintance with the US justice system.]

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