Rubio: Border Security is Trigger for Legalization in ‘Gang of Eight’ Bill

by Eliana Johnson


Outlining the details of the immigration bill hammered out by the bipartisan Gang of Eight, Republican senator Marco Rubio said that border security is a trigger for legalization under the plan.

Speaking on CNN, Rubio said the legislation, which senators and their staff members are currently reading through, will require undocumented workers to wait at least ten years before applying for a green card. The federal government, he added, must also implement an E-verify system for businesses, an entry-exit system, and secure the border before that process begins. 

“They will have to wait until all three of those things are fully implemented. If they’re not fully implemented, there will be no green cards, and we think that will be an incentive,” Rubio said, in an interview with Candy Crowley.

Under the Gang’s bill, applying for temporary status would require people to pay a fine and undergo a background check, and those legalized under this plan would not be eligible for federal benefits like Obamacare.

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