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Sessions: Immigration Legislation Being Rushed


Senator Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) expressed concern today that the Gang of Eight’s immigration legislation was being rushed and that other senators wouldn’t have sufficient time to comment and propose changes.

“Chairman Leahy’s decision to now hold two hearings in two days — one on Friday, one on Monday — is only further proof of the majority’s desire to rush this bill with minimum public scrutiny,” Sessions said in a statement.

“The gang has met privately for months, in close consultation with the special interests, to draft this legislation,” he continued. “Is the public not entitled to have at least as long to review it before their representatives are asked to vote on it? Republican senators asked for objective, serious public hearings exploring these complex issues — from the guest worker program, to border fencing, to law enforcement, to the administration’s abuse of prosecutorial discretion. Chairman Leahy, with his announcement, has reaffirmed his repudiation of that request for hearings.”

Sessions concluded that “something is truly broken in Washington when the people, the law-enforcement officers who protect them, and the people’s representatives, have less time to review the bill than the special interests who helped write it.”

Rubio press secretary Alex Conant pushed back against the notion that the legislation was being rushed to the floor. “We have briefed Senator Sessions and his staff on our proposal and look forward to seeing their suggestions on how to improve the legislation in coming weeks and months,” Conant said in an e-mail to NRO. “The public and Judiciary Committee members will have weeks to review the legislation before the committee begins amending it, a process that itself will likely take weeks.”


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