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The BS Act of 2013


After months of foreplay, the Gang of Eight finally introduced the amnesty bill at 2:30 this morning. The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act (BSEOIM or the BS Act of 2013, S 744) comes in at a svelte 844 pages, with almost as many words as the New Testament. I’m still trying to digest the behemoth, in between radio interviews, but one provision which jumps out is that the amnesty is also open to certain previously deported illegal aliens who have relatives here. In other words, amnesty for foreigners abroad. After boasting about record levels of deportations (engineered partly by cooking the books), the administration would now be saying “Please accept our apologies for having an immigration policy. Let us make it up to you by amnestying you retroactively.”

This provision reminds me of a Monty Python bit that asked bowler-wearing “businessmen” how to raise new revenue for the British government. The first says, “Tax all Britons abroad.” The next one says, “Tax all foreigners in Britain.” The last one says “Tax all foreigners abroad.”


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