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Today in the Gosnell Trial: Former Clinic Staff Describes ‘Baby A’ in a Shoe Box, Before Being ‘Snipped’


Former clinic worker Kareema Cross described what she remembers as the (first and) last moments of some children’s lives she saw born alive and killed in Gosnell’s clinic. She 

told the jury she saw at least 10 to 25 instances where babies – delivered by abortion patients after receiving labor-inducing drugs – were breathing and vividly recalled a few instances where she saw movement.

In another instance, Cross recalled when Lynda Williams, a Gosnell staffer who lived in Delaware, had a child that had been delivered by a patient and saw it breathe. “The chest was going up and down” she said.

“Lynda pulled its hand and the baby pulled the arm back,” she said, adding a short time later Williams flipped the child over and “snipped” the spinal cord with a pair of scissors.

Williams, in her testimony earlier this month, testified only that she saw the baby’s arm “jump” when she cut the spinal cord.

On a different occasion, Cross said she heard a baby cry out. She said a co-worker who heard it first came to get her and she listened at the door, where the baby’s body was, and heard “mmm…. A whine, a soft whine, once.”

She said she did not go into the room and does not know what happened next.

But the most uncomfortable testimony came when Cross talked about “Baby A” whose mother first went to see Gosnell in July 2008 at the now-closed Atlantic Women’s Medical Services clinic in Wilmington, where Gosnell worked part time. According to court papers, Gosnell started the abortion procedure in Wilmington and then directed the woman to his West Philadelphia clinic to complete the procedure the next day.

“She was pregnant, she was big,” Cross recalled about the mother.

Cross said that the woman delivered a baby boy at the West Philadelphia clinic while she was “asleep” from the medication, before the actual abortion procedure.

Cross said Gosnell took the baby and put it in a shoe-box sized plastic container, where the child’s arms and legs hung over the sides. As Gosnell carried it to a nearby table, Cross said the boy, “pulled in its arms,” showing the jury by holding her arms out then pulling them in close together at her chest.

She said the child was breathing and also pulled its legs in “to fit itself into the box.”

“The doctor then cut the back of the baby’s neck,” she said, adding she was so disturbed that she called other staffers over later and they took a picture of the body.

Cross said Gosnell joked to her that the baby was so big it could have “walked to the store and the bus stop.”

Cross explained to the jury that she went to another clinic for her own abortion because Gosnell’s was “filthy.”

Cross said she kept a second pregnancy while she was working at Gosnell’s clinic and said that Gosnell wanted her to get an abortion. “He said to me, am I sure that I want to keep the baby?” she told the jury, adding he pressed her about her plans to go to school and have a child.

She said that it appeared to her Gosnell had an attitude of, “how can I work here and be pregnant? Other people are not happy about being pregnant, so how can I be?”

Thank you to the Philadelphia Inquirer for continuing to cover this story.