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The Tsaraev Brothers’ Friends


I am having a hard time working through what I think of all of these testimonials from the friends of the suspected Boston bombers all over cable TV. On the one hand, it’s obvious they’re sincere. And given that, you can see how they’d want to make it clear how shocked they are by these allegations. On the other hand, if one of my friends was suspected of a similar crime,  once I got past the shock, I like to think I’d feel an enormous sense of betrayal once I accepted that my friend was involved. You get very little of that from these testimonials. It’s all either “He was a great guy!” or “I can’t believe he did it” — or both. 

On a related note, I understand that the networks have little news to report and need to fill the time. But there’s something exasperating about hearing over and over how great these guys were when there’s very good reason to believe they are horrible murderers who’ve maimed people and killed three, including a 8 year old boy. Again, we have to allow for the possibility they’re innocent, but given everything we know so far about the case, the drumbeat of testimonials is getting pretty annoying. 

I don’t have any firm answers to any of this, I just find it hard to reconcile. 

Update: And then of course there’s this.


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