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Ryan Calls Rubio’s Plan ‘Productive’


Former Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan says the Gang of Eight’s immigration-reform plan is “productive” and “getting us closer to a solution.”

“We have to make sure we secure the border, and we have to make sure we have an immigration system that helps us promote a healthy U.S. economy,” Ryan said in a recent interview with EWTN’s The World Over. “We have to acknowledge the reality of the situation while respecting the rule of law. I think this compromise tries to do that. We’re trying to do the same thing in the House.”

The Wisconsin congressman, however, did not formally endorse the Gang’s proposal, and said that he is waiting for a working group in the House to finalize its own legislation. Last week, several senators from both parties, including Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, unveiled their bill, which includes a path to legalization and improvements to border enforcement.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Ryan will give a speech on Monday in Chicago on immigration. Representative Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, a Democrat and member of the House’s immigration group, will appear with him.


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