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French Bus Drivers Strike Over Uniform Pants That Are Too Tight


French transportation-union leaders say some new changes have prompted one city’s bus drivers to stage a walkout. That is, if their new pants aren’t so constricting that they have trouble actually walking out.

More than 1,600 Régie des Transports workers in Marseille are planning to protest the new policy, specifically ”a uniform chosen unilaterally by management, without taking into account the views of our clothing committee.” According to the New York Daily News, not only do they find the pants too snug — “the shirts are alright, but these trousers are far too tight,” said a driver — but they also don’t like the color and quality of the pants. 

“We reject the bottom half of this new uniform,” said transport labor leader Bernard Gargiolo, lamenting that their lavender color is too similar to the shade the French police wear.

Their protest, a 24-hour strike, is set to take place in June.


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