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Today’s No-Islam-to-See-Here Update


Charlie and yours truly mentioned below The Atlantic’s Megan Garber:

The Boston Bombers were Muslim: So?

As I write, the Mounties are just wrapping up a briefing with “Muslim community leaders and imams” over a thwarted cross-border terrorism plot to blow up a passenger train between Toronto and New York City.

All together now!

“So today’s railroad bombers are Muslim: So?”

Meanwhile, a pal passes along this “60 Minutes” interview with one of young Tsarnaev’s friends, Ahmad Nassri:

If someone a few days ago told me that one of my friends was responsible for the bombs, bombing in Boston, I would’ve named off at least 90 percent of everyone that I know before I would’ve said Dzhokhar.

That’s one lively social circle.


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