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‘The Importance of Honesty’


In today’s Impromptus, there is the usual potpourri, including an item on one form of American political correctness: Why do people perceive or pretend that America is a dangerous place for an innocent, law-abiding Muslim to live in? Why do they perceive or pretend that we’re a cauldron of vengeance? I’d like to print the beginning of a letter, which I found moving. A reader writes,

I’ve spent 37 years in AA and 25 in Al-Anon. Both programs place an emphasis on the importance of honesty over butt-kissing, and peace at any price, and walking on eggshells, and people-pleasing behaviors that do no good. As a country, we now find ourselves living in a politically correct culture that is a far bigger nightmare than living with drunks and trying to survive day to day.


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