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Barbara Bush: ‘We’ve Had Enough Bushes’ in the White House


Former first lady Barbara Bush, known for her outspokenness, weighed in on the idea of another Bush’s making a run for the White House in a Today interview this morning. When asked if she hopes to see her son Jeb run in 2016, she said, “He’s by far the most qualified man, but no, I really don’t.”

“It’s a great country, there’s a lot of great families — it’s not just four families or whatever,” she explained. “There’s other people out there that are very qualified and we’ve had enough Bushes.” 

She added that she doesn’t think the former Florida governor will run anyway. But in an interview with ABC News yesterday, George W. Bush said he would like to see his brother run: “He doesn’t need my counsel because he knows what it is, which is ‘run.’”


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