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Re: Obama Sidesteps Abortion in Planned Parenthood Remarks


As Eliana notes, the president avoided talking about abortion today in front of Planned Parenthood’s biggest gathering, despite the fact that they do over 330,000 abortions a year. That’s like eliminating my hometown of Lexington, Ky. Every year. And that number will only increase, because this year they’ve mandated that every affiliate must provide abortion.

While we’re told sequestration is affecting government services all over, Planned Parenthood’s annual budget of roughly $1.1 billion is still subsidized, 45 cents on the dollar, by the American taxpayer.

Still, the most breathtaking part of the president’s speech today was the vignette he told about a young woman from Chicago who had received good care as a client of the abortion giant. It’s the kind of human-interest anecdote that’s a staple of these kind of speeches. We expect them. 

But to use that story is pretty audacious when it was only this past August that another young woman from Chicago died in a Planned Parenthood clinic there, on Michigan Avenue. Her name was Tanya Reeves. The president didn’t use her story.  

— Charmaine Yoest is president and CEO of Americans United for Life.


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