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Women Deserve Better than Planned Parenthood


All Americans do. On Twitter earlier, I pointed to Jonah’s excellent chapter on Planned Parenthood and its founding in his book, Liberal Fascism (I often wish I could hand it out in pamplet form, without the cover, so liberals will read it!), which we reprinted here. Sarah Palin pointed to it too, on her Facebook page, adding: 

Please take a look at the following excerpt from Jonah Goldberg’s book “Liberal Fascism” for information about the racist and eugenicist origins of Planned Parenthood, then ask yourself again why in the world our president would “bless” the cruel underlying efforts of an organization like this. Do you want him to spend your family’s hard earned tax dollars funding this culture of death? Surely there are people of good conscience within Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion centers who will feel the imperative within themselves to find other ways to help women in their time of need. There are so many better answers than merely eliminating the most precious, promising ingredient we have on earth – innocent human life. May efforts to cull the defenseless and vulnerable not be “blessed,” instead may God bless those who decide that respecting a culture of life in America is the only way to get us out of the mess we’re in.

Palin is speaking at a fundaiser for the Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada tonight. Their website explains: 

Statistics from the Center for Disease Control and the Alan Guttmacher Institute indicate that 93% of all abortions occur because of social or economic reasons and that 50% of women who have had an abortion in the past are more likely to have another. Since 1985 we have personally met with some of these women, and we have found that the majority of them would not choose abortion if they simply had someone to assist them in their circumstance.

The cheering at the president’s speech this morning reminded me of Andrew Cuomo’s state-of-the-state address, where he took on a similar tone of abortion triumphalism. Gone is the talk of “safe, legal, and rare.” The posture is instead one of expectation (as in, abortion is just expected of women who didn’t plan to be pregnant) and increase. Gosnell should make us reconsider this all. But not under this president’s leadership, it would seem.

Also, a word about religious freedom: It had no place in his remarks, either, which were in large part an apologia for the HHS mandate. Health care, even when it’s just a mandate of radical social policy, is what he says it is.


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