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Planned Parenthood Is about Abortion — and Money


President Obama today became the first sitting president to address Planned Parenthood in its 100-year history.

He praised them for being a health-care provider, for helping women “plan their families.” He even thanked God for their efforts. Having the decency to tell the truth about Planned Parenthood has been beyond the president’s ability for years, but he could have at least left God’s endorsement of abortion out of his speech.

Planned Parenthood claims that it is a leading provider of primary health care for women and that providing mammograms is a key service it offers. The president has dutifully parroted these false claims. If Planned Parenthood’s top priority is primary health care, why was an edict handed down that all Planned Parenthood clinics must offer abortions? And Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms — it never has. 

Planned Parenthood is about abortion, but it is about something else too — and that is political power. The organization raises and spends millions for liberal candidates and these candidates in turn ensure the continued flow of nearly $1.5 million a day in taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood. 

But now they want more. Planned Parenthood pushed hard for the president’s health-care law — the law that even the Congress that passed it wants to exempt itself from — and now they want their share. Planned Parenthood already has $75 million in grants under the health-care law and is poised to rake in the money from abortion coverage within the health exchanges.

The president even asked Planned Parenthood to help get the word out about accessing Obamacare. He failed to mention that they have a massive financial incentive to do just that. Planned Parenthood chapters across the country are applying to be the so-called outreach coordinators under contracts worth millions.

It is clear that taxpayers, and especially the unborn, will continue to pay the price.

— Karen Handel is author of Planned Bullyhood: The Truth Behind the Headlines about the Planned Parenthood Funding Battle with Susan G. Komen for the Cure.