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Turks, Hungarians, Americans, and Brits


Those are some of the characters we consider this week on Need to Know.

We get an on-scene report from Jay about the ceremonies marking the opening of the Bush presidential library and chat for a while about W’s strengths and weaknesses, speculating as to whether he spent too much money, and really believes “America’s best days are ahead of us.” 

We note the disgusting moral relativism John Kerry engaged in this week – comparing Turks killed on the Mavi Marmara to Bostonians killed by terrorists – and recall his history. But then, “What difference does it make?”

We wonder whether (careful, don’t want to get giddy with optimism) the whole Obama Chicken Little sequestration strategy has backfired big time, as evidenced by the FAA vote. Jay even lets a bit of sunshine creep into his analysis! 

Jay pays tribute to Sir Colin Davis and we swap music stories. We close with a Brahms Hungarian dance, the reason will be clear when you listen. Enjoy!



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