Graham: When Someone on Watch List Goes to Jihadist Websites, FBI Should Knock On His Door

by Patrick Brennan

The morning on CBS’s Face the Nation, Senator Lindsey Graham criticized the failures of the U.S. intelligence system regarding the Boston Marathon bombers, saying “information sharing failed,” in part because the FBI didn’t share its investigation with the “fusion [center] in Boston,” a DHS joint counterterrorism unit there, and because the Department of Homeland Security did not tell the FBI and the CIA that one brother left for Russia in January 2012, even though that “pinged” DHS’s system.

He further suggested that better information sharing could be combined with closer surveillance: “When somebody in the database like this begins to openly interact with radical Islamist websites, an FBI agent should knock on his door, and say, ‘you told us before you wanted to be an Olympic boxer, you love this country – what the hell is going on here? We’re watching you.’”

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