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Hume: Jeb Would Be a ‘Formidable Candidate’


The prospect of another Bush presidential campaign makes some conservatives uneasy. “Enough of the Bushes,” they say. But some political observers think former Florida governor Jeb Bush could win a lot of support.

Count Brit Hume in the latter camp.

“I think in terms of the public’s estimation, that cycles are accelerated these days and the country may now indeed be ready for another Bush,” Hume said this morning on Fox News Sunday.

“If you think about Jeb Bush, he doesn’t particularly look like either his father or his brother, he’s a different breed of cat. Outwardly at least, he has some of the same qualities: traditional views, gentlemanliness and so on,” he explained. “I think if he decides he wants to run, he will be a formidable candidate.”


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