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This Is the End of Looking Away


Before you get yourself deep into the week, end today or start Monday thanking the New York Post (l[email protected]) for running this piece by Kyle Smith (thank him at [email protected]) asking what exactly the difference between a late-term and live-birth abortion is. Not much, is what ethicists who want to make the case for legal after-birth abortions have been arguing. We’ve been looking away from common sense and the human rights inolved.

And the humanity of the mother! I wish no woman the pain of knowing her child wound up in a jar in a clinic. That she had to walk away after her child was killed by a doctor. It’s a pain that wounds many. Abortion changes people, and in ways that don’t make someone a feminist rock star or a walking beacon of freedom, as this tends to be sold

Walk into this reality with a new video Live Action released today from a Bronx, N.Y., clinic. At one point in it, a clinic worker explains to a woman (an undercover reporter in this case) what happens if the child comes out of her late-term abortion alive: 

If it did come out in one piece, it’s very small.  So they would still have to put it in a container — like, a jar — with solution and send it to the lab. 

What if it’s breathing or moving?

The solution will make it stop.  It’s not going to be moving around in the jar . . . that’s the whole purpose of the solution.

Smith further explains:

Aborting a fetus at 23 weeks in Pennsylvania or New York is perfectly legal, no matter how awful the details.

And the details can be as horrific as what happened as Gosnell’s clinic.

After the pregnant woman pressed the employee at the Bronx establishment, “If it’s twitching or breathing or something, like whatever showing signs of life or something, I’m not gonna have to, they’re not gonna be like you have to take this home like,” the employee replied, “No! No!”

The employee also advised the pregnant woman to murder her child should the infant unexpectedly be born at home.

“I don’t want to like go into labor at home,” the pregnant woman said. “Like what if it like pops out, like, at home?”

“If it comes out then it comes out. Flush it!” said the employee.

Should the child be born on the floor? “We’ll tell you to put it in a bag or something and bring it to us,” the employee advised.

Gosnell is not a lone story. His story is endemic and emblematic of the culture of death we live in. Notice that, in the Live Action video, no one walked this woman through the options she had besides abortion. In fact, it’s all so matter-of-fact that it took some patience and effort to get anyone actually sitting down and explaining what would happen.

“I’m a little over 20 weeks,” the Live Action reporter says. One of the most chilling aspects of this Bronx video is: This is no filthy “house of horrors.” The horror here is how cold, pristine, and procedural it is.

If you watch the whole clinic-visit video, you’ll also notice the TV blaring in the background, completely jarring and oddly appropriate as a soundtrack, considering the misery and brutality in this medical facility. There was screaming. There was shooting. In what I gather was Rush Hour 3, you hear: “You two just killed this girl. Blew her brains out.”

“War” then plays. As a mother goes in to set in motion a late-term abortion. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

In New York State right now, the governor works behind closed doors to increase access to abortion. If you want an abortion in New York, you will get one. If you don’t want an abortion in New York, you may get one — feeling it is expected, feeling like you have no other choice.

If you don’t want to have an abortion in New York, people will help you — beyond delivery, too. Good Counsel, the Sisters of Life, the Midtown Pregnancy Support Center, Catholic Charities, and so many others will help you. Cheryl Calire is a blessed mother to mothers in need in Buffalo. Lisa Hall in Syracuse. Gosnell, this Bronx clinic … this is miserable. Why do we put up with it?

New Yorkers have an opportunity to draw a line in the sand with the governor. Andrew Cuomo wants to wrap abortion expansion and deregulation up in generic “women’s rights” language. As Smith puts it: 

The position of the pro-abortion lobby is so extreme that even a 24-week cutoff point for abortions doesn’t satisfy them. Why shouldn’t a woman be able to put off the decision as long as she pleases?

To placate this influential, deep-pocketed group of extremists, the nominally Catholic governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, is working on a bill, not all of the details of which have been made public, that would make it easier to get an abortion after 24 weeks.

Cuomo aides have been saying the law is needed in case the Supreme Court should restrict abortion, but that seems less farfetched than the idea that Cuomo plans to run for president and is trying to get to Hillary Clinton’s left to win the support of the abortion lobby.

Cuomo certainly isn’t thinking merely of his fortunes in New York state, where some two-thirds of voters think abortion is already too common.

New York City already has a sickeningly high abortion rate: According to 2011 statistics, 40% of all pregnancies here are aborted.

That’s twice the national average. In The Bronx, 48% of pregnancies are aborted. Among African-Americans, the rate is 57%.

Obama often speaks of the need to cool the rhetoric, to get opposing sides out of their trenches and meet in the middle to shake hands. His attempt to do so in the field of gun control was a miserable, indeed embarrassing, failure.

But there are lots of abortion-related issues that enjoy broad public support from virtually everyone except extremist interest groups.

Starting with the principle that abortion clinics should be at least as interesting to regulators as dogs or restaurants.

Join in the effort to stop Cuomo’s push

The abortion capital of the country, as New York has been dubbed, could send a powerful message by saying “Enough!” to a governor looking to establish gold-standard credentials with the abortion industry so that he might too be cheered as president of the United States by Planned Parenthood.

In a recent column, Philadelphia’s archbishop, Charles J. Chaput, wrote

The brutality in abortion is intimate, personal and permanent. It violates women, and it kills a developing human life every time — whether the venue is a “Women’s Medical Center”-style meat factory or a soothing suburban clinic. What makes the Gosnell story unique is that it should distress anyone with its details, pro-choice or pro-life, regardless of religion or politics.

But of course, people need to know about an evil before they can do anything about it.

So do thank the New York Post. And Live Action. We do a disservice to humanity by looking away, by being indifferent, by not insisting on — building — a culture where life is welcome. And, my goodness, we can at least start by agreeing that moving, living, breathing babies ought not be killed as a matter of routine, under the guise of women’s rights.


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