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Krauthammer at Ashbrook this Friday


I’m encouraging NRO friends in and around Ohio to attend the 27th annual John M. Ashbrook Memorial Dinner at Ashland University (in Ashland, of course). Charles Krauthammer will be the dinner’s principle speaker, and he is even better in person than he is on TV. What a unique opportunity to see this great man. The dinner benefits the school’s acclaimed Ashbrook Center (Rich Lowry is a member of the Board), which is relentless in its mission to educate the next generation of teachers and students based on the free-market and limited-government principles, so it’s worth attending. You’ll find complete details about the evening here. I’ll be there, so be sure to search me out so you can personally complain about how your subscription is messed up, how your NR app isn’t working, and how you still can’t get the G-File.


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