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Will, Gingrich Urge Congress to Pass Immigration Reform ‘One Piece at a Time’


While both Newt Gingrich and George Will believe that immigration reform needs to get done, they argued against a taking a “comprehensive” approach on This Week yesterday.

“I think the more people study the comprehensive bill, the harder it’s going to get to be,” Gingrich said. “I think you’d be vastly better off to do what Chairman Goodlatte is doing, take one piece at a time — I do think it ought to be fixed, but I think it ought to be fixed one piece at a time, out in the open, with amendments, where you actually know what it means,” he added, referring to House judiciary-committee chairman Bob Goodlatte’s (R., Va.) more deliberate approach.

“We do not do comprehensive well,” Will later added on the panel, saying lawmakers could take up issues surrounding immigration reform – such as employer verification, border security, and guest-worker programs – in separate bills, 


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