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A New Voice at the Catholic Bishops’ Conference


A new spokeswoman was announced by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Monday. Kim Daniels happens to be a friend of mine who I have spent some extensive time working with on the Catholic Voices USA project I’ve mentioned here a time or two. The significance of this news is that while the Church will always have sin and evil in its midst, there is a great palpable grace of renewal — probably most notable in the existence of a Pope Francis. (This morning he was talking about how a worldly Church cannot transmit the Gospel.) There is much work to be done, but we believe, ultimately, the possibilities are eternal!

Kim is a religious-liberty attorney and has been a great joy to work with during our weekend and evening projects! This news adds to a series of changes that have happened at the bishops’ conference — the most obvious being the election of New York’s archbishop Cardinal Dolan as president. Kim and I were most recently in Boston for a weekend, working in a team with 20 enthusiastic lawyers and a doctor, businessmen and teachers, young people, among others — volunteers who just want to be better communicators of the Gospel. Anyway, it’s good news and I wrote more about it over on my little Catholic (small-c)orner at Patheos — where believe it or not I put the Catholic stuff I spare the real Corner.