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Chaffetz Suggests Some Whistleblowers ‘Will Be Appearing’ at Benghazi Hearing Next Week


Utah representative Jason Chaffetz suggested that whistleblowers with “personal, firsthand knowledge” of the 9/11 attacks in Benghazi will speak at a congressional hearing next week. Fox News’s Bill Hemmer pressed Chaffetz on whether these individuals would come out publicly for the first time at the recently announced hearing. “I think they will be appearing,” Chaffetz said, “some of them, some of them.”

According to Chaffetz, he and other members of Congress want to make sure whistleblowers have all the legal protections in place before revealing their identity and appearing. A lawyer for at least one of the Benghazi “whistleblowers” has said that the administration is not providing a means for her to obtain a security clearance, and that her client has been threatened by members of the administration. 


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