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Women’s Lives at Risk in New York


Perhaps we may one day mark the day Anderson Cooper first covered the Kermit Gosnell trial as an independence day. Independence from abortion euphemism, as Rich puts it in his Politico column, and Mollie Hemingway and I talked about the other day. From looking away.

I think we might actually be at a tipping point, as David Bereit from 40 Days for Life said yesterday at a rally outside a Washington, D.C., clinic where infanticide is tolerated. I also wanted to find a way to work the movie Independence Day into this post.

Actress Margaret Colin, who was in that movie, is a New Yorker and a pro-life activist with Feminists for Life. In a video they’ve just released, she asks Governor Andrew Cuomo why he “would allow our daughters to receive a surgical abortion from someone without a medical degree, without her parent’s knowledge.”

She is refering to the Reproductive Health Act that has been put forward by the governor as part of his “women’s agenda.” The bill has been proposed before and went nowhere, so the governor has been negotiating in private about the details this time around, insisting that negotiation is best done out of sight of the voters.

Given that girls can’t get aspirin from a school nurse without their parents’ permission, Colin points out, the radical approach of the Reproductive Health Act, “makes no sense.”

“New York mothers appreciate your concerns over women’s health, Governor Cuomo.”

“Women deserve better,” Colin insists.

“If you want to protect women, don’t put our lives at risk,” she says.

Cuomo has had to admit that there may not be adequate support for his Women’s Equality Act on account of the radicalism of its abortion agenda. The growing opposition is in no small part thanks to the Republican senate leader, Dean Skelos, who has been adamant in his opposition to Cuomo’s wooing of the abortion-industry lobbies in advance of the 2016 Democratic presidential primary. 

The New York State Catholic Conference, the Archdiocese of New York, the Chiarscuro Foundation, and Democrats for Life, among other organizations, have been active for months in educating New Yorkers about the radicalism of the governor’s campaign, urging him to support efforts that would help women have real choices other than abortion, to which he would increase access  — in a state that already has the highest abortion rate in the country. 

As John McLaughlin’s polling suggests, even the most “pro-choice” New Yorkers don’t want the Empire of Death culture they’re living in that would only get worse if Cuomo had his way here. 


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