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When Laughter Ensues in an Abortion Clinic


Some doctors do groundbreaking fetal surgery to save lives. In a clinic in Arizona, the goal is to “induce a demise.”

“What does a demise mean?” the Live Action investigator asks a doctor at Family Planning Associates Medical Group in Phoenix in the latest video released in Live Action’s “Inhuman” series.

“Death,” the doctor responds.

If you have a death, you must have had a life, right?



Begrudgingly, the doctor tells the woman:

Now the State of Arizona requires me to tell you the probable anatomic characteristics of the pregnancy at this point. When you come in tomorrow, you’ll be 23 weeks and 2 days, and the State of Arizona requires me to tell you, that at that gestational age, uh, the fetus is about 8 inches from the top of its head to its buttocks, it has a beating heart, fingers, toes, and can make spontaneous movements.

That might tempt a mother to reconsider.

The doctor has “war on women” rhetoric down as she talks in graphic detail about the late-term abortion she’s preparing to provide. That’s the word the doctor uses when asked why she had to go and tell the potential patient this. Informed consent is “politically motivated” by “right-wing, radical, religious” types in a “conservative” state.

A conversation that isn’t included in the shorter version of the video that Live Action released for popular consumption is fascinating:

“At this point, does it have, like, all of its organs and all of that stuff? Like, is it already fully developed?,” the investigator asks. They continue:

Dr. Mercer: It’s not fully developed. Um, it doesn’t even look like, it doesn’t even look like a baby yet.

Woman: It doesn’t?

Dr. Mercer: Technically it has its organs, it has early, an early structure that will continue to develop to become the heart, but it’s already beating. It has lungs that have started to develop but won’t work yet ‘cause they have to finish developing and it has a little tiny, what will eventually become a liver. So it has parts, like we all have parts, but it’s not done.

Woman: So, like, does it have a face or–

Dr. Mercer: Um–

Woman: –like, all of that stuff?

Dr. Mercer: You know, kind of. Yeah, I mean, it has what’s developing into–

Woman: Right. OK.

Dr. Mercer: –all of those things.

Woman: Right, OK.

Dr. Mercer: Does that make sense?

Woman: Yeah.

Dr. Mercer: I don’t want you to torture yourself.

That’s a great question from the doctor. It makes no sense. That late-term abortion of the child with a beating heart at 23 weeks is legal. How is that legal?

Well, of course it’s legal in a country with a president who has defended a woman’s right to a dead baby, arguing against legislation that would protect infants who survive these brutal late-term abortions.

A dead baby is something this clinic in Arizona will provide, one way or another. Although the “instruments and suction” do the trick “most of the time” so “they don’t come out whole,” a counselor says, should that not be the case: “They do not resuscitate,” the counselor says. The clinic will “just let it die on its own.” 

“If it does,” come out “whole” or breathing “I don’t have to worry about . . . getting in trouble . . . taking a baby home?”

“Oh no,” the counselor laughs.

We don’t talk about it this way, but the “right” to an abortion is a mother’s right to a dead baby if she voices a desire to “terminate.” She may be in that clinic because she feels she has no support, because this is what she has been pressured into or believes is expected of her. She will have to live with the fact that she had life in her and ended it of her own free “choice” — a supposed good choice, an exercise of independence, a choice owed her by virtue of her womanhood — for the rest of her life. The unborn child has no rights. Even if she is born alive. 


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