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Meet Gomez


Gabriel Gomez, who emerged the winner in Tuesday’s GOP primary for the Massachusetts senate, doesn’t have a huge chance of pulling a Scott Brown and winning the seat. But it’s not impossible for him, thanks to the timing (it’s a special election and there will likely be low turnout). From my piece today:

[Eric] Fehrnstrom predicts that the Senate race will become more high-profile as Election Day nears. “You’re going to see national media take an interest in the race because of what Gabriel Gomez represents, a Hispanic-American from a first-generation immigrant family, a patriotic Navy SEAL who is pro–gay marriage,” he says.
“For those who were looking to rewrite the GOP playbook in the wake of the 2012 presidential election,” Fehrnstrom adds, “you couldn’t find a better candidate to do that with than Gabriel Gomez.”



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