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Dem. Congressman: I’m ‘Consistently Concerned’ about Obamacare


Another Democratic lawmaker, who happens also to be a physician, is expressing concerns about the president’s healthcare law. Representative Ami Bera (D., Calif.) yesterday said that he has “been consistently concerned about the cost of care going up” as a result of Obamacare. 

“We have one chance to get this right,” Bera told the Sacramento Bee’s editorial board, “if this fails or blows up, it is probably another decade if not longer” before lawmakers can address the cost of healthcare again.

Bera expressed deep concern about Democrats’ ability to explain the law in a coherent manner given the difficulty they had selling the bill itself. “They did a very poor job of explaining it,” he said, and “I don’t know that they’re doing a much better job telling people about what the roll-out is going to look like.”

Bera told the Bee that he and another freshmen congressman, Raul Ruiz, who is also a physician, have reached out to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius “a couple of times” to discuss these issues with her, but have been unable to schedule a meeting with her. 

A former chief medical officer for Sacramento County and an assistant dean at UC Davis medical school, Bera was elected to Congress in 2012.