Rubio: Immigration Bill Will Struggle to Pass Senate With Current Border-Security Provisions

by Eliana Johnson

Florida senator Marco Rubio said yesterday that, if the border-security provisions in the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill are not strengthened, it will struggle to pass the Senate. “The part we still have to do some work on is this border stuff,” he told Sean Hannity on his radio show. ”And as I said yesterday in another interview that I did — this bill will not pass the House and quite frankly I think will struggle to pass the Senate if it doesn’t deal with that issue.”

Rubio pointed the finger at the Obama administration, blaming homeland security secretary Janet Napolitano for the public’s lack of confidence in the federal government’s ability to police the border. The American people, he said, “really don’t trust this administration because the secretary of homeland security goes before these committees and says there’s no problem. It’s been solved.”

Napolitano told the Senate Judiciary Committee last week that border enforcement has gotten stronger in recent years, but struggled to articulate the metrics by which DHS makes such assessments. The Gang of Eight’s bill requires a 90 percent apprehension rate for illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border in key areas before opening a pathway to citizenship for those already in the country. 


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