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Morning Joe Panelist: Pro-Gun Senators ‘Literally Have Blood on Their Hands’


While appearing on the Morning Joe panel this morning, ​Donny Deutsch went after senators who voted against background checks, claiming they will be directly responsible for future mass shootings.

“Unfortunately the next time, a crazy person, somebody who would have not gotten a gun because of background checks, kills somebody, I want to know what [these senators'] response is going to be because they literally have blood on their hands,” Deutsch said.

“I want to know their answers at that point in time because they have blood on their hands,” he reiterated. “It’s that simple.”

The gun-control bill that failed in the Senate last month would have required background checks at gun shows and for Internet sales, but most person-to-person private-transfers would have remained exempt.

Later in the conversation, while discussing New Hampshire Republican senator Kelly Ayotte’s vote, Deutsch asked, “Is it even more surprising when a woman votes against it?” He suggested that women’s “primal” and “maternal” nature should “take it to another level,” and urged a “mother movement” against Ayotte and other women who voted against the legislation.