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UKIP’s Big Day



When your party is coming a very respectable second in South Shields and winning council seats in the Home Counties; and concerned to defend national sovereignty against the rising tide of globalist-federalist-corporatist governance; and simultaneously appealing to ‘Mondeo Man’, ‘Worcester Woman’, the worker in the pub, the housewife at home, and a vibrant mob of revolutionary youth passionate about real change, you are the true heir to ‘One Nation’ politics.

It doesn’t actually matter that your members are philosophically disparate, or that few of your policies have been thought through. You don’t need coherence when your opponents are all united in aloof indifference and muddled deflection. All you need is consistency and authenticity.

The Daily Telegraph’s Tim Stanley:

And then there’s the personality factor. Cameron, Clegg and Miliband are all of a type: middle class, white, male, middle aged, middle-of-the-road, posh, suited and largely lacking in real world experience. By contrast, all the scandals surrounding Ukip this week only confirmed its accidental authenticity – its refusal or inability to be anything other than crude, rude and painfully honest. It is also fun. Humour is very important in Anglosphere politics. For the English, wit is the way that we communicate fury, intelligence and love. There’s something funny, and thus irresistible, about Farage with a cigarette in hand, hat on head, charming the voters with his market banter.

Yesterday, people voted Ukip partly out of anger and partly for a laugh. It’s a very British revolution.

Nicely put.

But a revolution? No, not yet. More like a shot across the bows. A very loud shot.