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The Only Question That Matters


Once you understand that the radical Left’s stated reasons for any given program or legislative initiative are entirely bogus, and that the corrective mechanism they propose has absolutely nothing to do with the putative social ill they purport to address, we are left with one simple question: Why? 

Why was the legislatively unconstitutional seizure of one-sixth of the U.S. economy in the name of “reform” really necessary? Not a single honest argument in favor of it came from the likes of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid at the time and a not a single honest argument in favor of it has been made since. Indeed, useful idiots like soon-to-be-former-senator Max Baucus, who in part “authored” the bill, are starting to resemble Alec Guinness at the end of The Bridge on the River Kwai, muttering “what have I done?” Even when defending it in front of the Supreme Court, Obama’s solicitor general talked out of both sides of his mouthpiece at once, arguing that it both was and was not a tax. Luckily for him, the chief justice bought one of the positions.

Why, in the name of “women’s reproductive health,” does the leviathan state wish to expand access to the population-reducing “procedure” called abortion? With a social safety net (wholly dependent, as originally constructed, on a growing population) teetering upside-down on the edge of bankruptcy, why systematically set out to reduce America’s fertility by citing a heretofore undiscovered feminist virtue dating from the 1970s called “choice”?

Why, in the pursuit of eliminating mass shootings, does Obama continue to insist on punishing the very segment of the adult electorate that, by definition, had and will have absolutely no complicity in the matter — law-abiding citizens? Why is it “the right thing to do”?

And why does the Left persist in viewing the world in topsy-turvy Manichean terms, a constant, dare I say dialectically materialist, struggle between good and evil — but one in which evil has triumphed and they, on the side of the angels, are struggling mightily to overturn the Adversary’s ancient victory?

As Screwtape says to Wormwood: “Jargon, not argument, is your best ally.” So why do those on the right fall for it, time and again?


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