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Colbert Busch: Elect Me, Then We’ll See


Charleston, S.C. –– Elizabeth Colbert Busch doesn’t want to talk about Obamacare repeal votes. After a press conference held on Sunday in front of a library named after her father, the would-be representative for South Carolina’s first district huddled with a few national reporters. The Affordable Care Act came up, as it is wont to do, and Busch was adamant about the problems she has with the legislation. But she was equivocal about voting to repeal it.

It’s worth noting that Colbert Busch is holding, at best, a fragile lead over Mark Sanford, the erstwhile governor of South Carolina best known for absconding to Argentina to meet his lover. A PPP poll from April 22 gave her a nine point lead, but a poll from the right-leaning Red Racing Horses showed the two tied on Thursday. And Representative James Clyburn (D., S.C.) told reporters at the press conference today that internal polling data never gave Colbert Busch more than a 3-point lead. In short, as everyone knows, the race is tight. And that makes for some discomfort for Colbert Busch, which she has managed with varying degrees of finesse.

The Sanford campaign has consistently argued that Colbert Busch will be a reliable vote for Nancy Pelosi, and after Sunday’s conference, a few national reporters peppered her with questions about potential disagreements she could have with House Democratic leadership.

“You heard congressman Clyburn himself say, sometimes you agree and sometimes you don’t, but let’s get to May 7th and let’s get elected, and then we’ll sit down and we’ll all talk to each other, we’ll collaborate with each other, we’ll work with each other,” she told the group.

When BuzzFeed’s Kate Nocera asked her how she would vote on an impending House bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Colbert Busch described the president’s signature piece of  legislation as “so problematic.”

“Will you vote to repeal it?” asked Yahoo!’s Chris Moody

“I have to see the bill,” she responded, adding that she didn’t want to comment on hypothetical legislation.

“It will say, ‘Repealed,’” responded Moody.

“Let’s see it,” she responded. “Let’s get elected on May 7th, and then we’ll go from there. And then when they bring it to the desk, we’ll go from there.”

Are South Carolina voters curious enough about Colbert Busch’s positions to elect her and see how she votes? Check back on Tuesday.


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