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Dahlia Lithwick Gets an Award


Dahlia Lithwick just got a National Magazine Award for three columns she wrote last year about the Supreme Court. I happen to have written in this space about one of those award-winning columns.

Dahlia Lithwick writes in Slate that in yesterday’s arguments “we got a window into the freedom some of the justices long for. And it is a dark, dark place.” (Yes, freedom is a place. A place that we can see through a window. Even though it’s dark. Just work with her, ok?) Let’s take it from the top.

“It’s always a bit strange to hear people with government-funded single-payer health plans describe the need for other Americans to be free from health insurance.” It is? Would it also be strange to hear people with government-funded salaries argue that people shouldn’t be forced to work for the government absent a clear constitutional authorization for this command? . . .

You can read the rest here.


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