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Colbert Busch’s Union Push


Charleston, S.C. ––  On a dreary, humid Sunday in front of a Charleston library named for her father, Elizabeth Colbert Busch and Representative James Clyburn (D., S.C.) talked up organized labor in this right-to-work state, hoping to stir the Palmetto State’s Democratic base to turn out in Tuesday’s special House election.

In his introduction, Clyburn praised the role Colbert Busch’s father played in negotiating, decades ago, for striking hospital workers. “They were not working so much for wages,” he said. “They were working for dignity.” He added that Colbert Busch shared her father’s penchant for negotiating. “She embodies that value system, and will use it to do what’s necessary for the people of this district,” he said.

The consistently reticent Colbert Busch praised the congressman’s description of her father, adding that he “was a man who believed in respecting people’s opinions, and listening, and respecting how we treat each other. That was one of the most wonderful reasons and one of the most incredible reasons that this hospital strike was able to be settled, because of mutual respect, and working things out together.” 

Leaders of organized labor seem to have a lot of faith in Colbert Busch’s ability to work things out. The Sanford campaign noted that, according to an FEC report filed on Sunday, she has received more than $100,000 from unions, including funds from the union group that tried to keep Boeing from building a plant in South Carolina.