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The Benghazi Charade


The extent to which members of the Obama administration sought to perpetuate the false “spontaneous demonstration prompted by a disgusting video” narrative reveals their disdain for the American people.

Almost immediately after the U.S. consulate in Benghazi came under attack, it was known within the highest levels of the administration that it was a terrorist attack by al-Qaeda-linked elements. The administration, however, wasted no time in blaming it on the video and crafted an elaborate charade to convince everyone that the Obama administration itself really believed the false narrative. Consider just a few of the actions taken by some of the key players in the administration:

Standing next to the coffins of the Benghazi victims at Andrews Air Force Base three days after the attack, Hillary Clinton tells the father of one of the deceased that the U.S. government were going to get the maker of the video.
At the same time, Jay Carney tells the White House press corps there’s no evidence the attack was motivated by anything other than the video.
 The Obama administration and the media repeatedly attack Mitt Romney for Romney’s criticism of the administration’s response to the “spontaneous demonstrations.”
 Five days after the attack, Susan Rice infamously goes on five Sunday talk shows and repeats the falsehood that the attack was a spontaneous demonstration prompted by a YouTube video.
Within a few days, both Obama and Clinton appear on Pakistani television to denounce the video and disclaim U.S. responsibility for it. They spend $70,000 on this charade alone.
Two weeks after the attack, the president addresses the U.N. General Assembly and prattles on about a “disgusting anti-Islam video.”
Around this time, Obama appears on The View and claims not to know what caused the attack.

And on it goes.

In the meantime, the clock winds down toward the election. The producer of the video is arrested and still languishes in jail. The terrorists responsible for the deaths of four Americans are free — one of them casually sipping smoothies at an open-air cafe, telling everyone within earshot that he’s got no reason to hide.

After all, why hide from somebody who plays charades?