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Pro-Amnesty Crowd Snookers Politico


Does the dishonesty of the Republican pro-amnesty crowd have any limits? They appear to have tricked Politico into publishing a story with this headline: “Immigration’s new ally: Tea partiers” and this lead: “Immigration reform supporters are about to get some new conservative bonafides — prominent tea party backers.”

Problem is, it’s false.

The two tea-party groups cited in the story are and Tea Party Express. The reporters relied on “a draft of their seven principles, obtained by POLITICO,” but seem not to have, you know, actually called the groups. Well, Breitbart’s Matt Boyle took that radical step and found, much to his surprise, that neither group is supporting the amnesty push. The Tea Party Express spokesman said the group isn’t involved with the bill at all: “We will not be playing any role in the Gang of Eight immigration bill or any future legislation on this topic.”

A spokesman from also contradicted the Politico story, suggesting the group was likely to oppose the bill. And an e-mail sent by the group was more categorical:

Dear Patriot,

There seems to be some confusion stemming from an erroneous and misleading story by Politico that attempted to lead people to believe that supports something that we do not. 

Contrary to what they are trying to lead you to believe, DOES NOT support amnesty for illegals in any way, shape or form. Therefore, we DO NOT SUPPORT the Gang of Eight Immigration bill! A meeting to hear what one side thinks does NOT in any way, shape, or form mean agreement. 

We Do Not Support The Gof8
Again, DOES NOT support the Gang of Eight Immigration bill. Leave it to the left to try to smear the principles of this movement. Don’t let them.

The only problem with this statement is that it’s probably not “the Left” that engineered this dezinformatsia operation, but rather the pro-amnesty right (Grover Norquist was at the meeting with Rubio described in the piece). The episode suggests not just the gullibility of many reporters but also the depths to which the pro-amnesty right is willing to sink in order to get Chuck Schumer’s bill passed.


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