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McConnell: Perez a ‘Committed Ideologue’ Who Disregards the Law


Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell blasted labor secretary nominee Tom Perez in remarks on the Senate floor today, calling Perez a “crusading ideologue whose conviction about his own rightness on the issues leads him to believe the law does not apply to him.”

“He is a committed ideologue who appears willing, quite frankly, to say or do anything to achieve his ideological ends,” McConnell said. “His willingness, time and again, to bend or ignore the law and to misstate the facts in order to advance his far-left ideology lead me and others to conclude that he’d continue to do so if he were confirmed to another, and much more consequential, position of public trust.”

“Unbound by the rules that apply to everyone else, Mr. Perez seems to view himself as free to employ whatever means at his disposal, legal or otherwise, to achieve his ideological goals,” McConnell added.  “To say this is problematic would be an understatement.”

While senate Republicans have been fairly quiet about Perez’s nomination so far, McConnell’s decision to speak out today about the nomination may well herald the beginning of the GOP being more open about their concerns about Perez’s nomination. Perez has a long history of liberal activism, including during his time as head of the Justice Department’s civil-rights division. As a county politician in Maryland, he promoted work sites that largely served illegal immigrants and prior to his time as a politician, was involved with Casa de Maryland, a group that would after his time release a booklet advising illegal immigrants how to best deal with law enforcement, complete with illustrations that showed frightened people dealing with obnoxious cops.