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Who Knows About Gosnell?


Gallup announces: “Few paying attention to trial, but many criticize lack of media coverage.”

Once there was some reporting on the trial, views on abortion remained “steady” — with the majority of Americans wanting some restrictions, according to Gallup. (Suggesting maybe the majority might not be into President Obama’s Planned Parenthood cheerleading — invoking God’s blessing on their work – if they knew about abortion quotas there.)

But Gallup finds that most still aren’t paying attention. 

From the report:

Although the latest Gallup survey was conducted after much of the testimony in this trial had already been reported in the news, the stability in Americans’ views about the legality of abortion suggests the trial has not swayed public opinion. Part of the reason could be that relatively few Americans are paying attention to the case.

One-quarter of Americans say they have followed news of the case either very closely (7%) or somewhat closely (18%), but that is well below the 61% average level of attention Americans have paid to the more than 200 news stories Gallup has measured since 1991. An additional 20% of Americans say they are following Gosnell case “not too closely” while 54% say “not at all.” This makes the Gosnell case one of the least followed news stories Gallup has measured.

Republicans, as well as Americans describing themselves as “pro-life” on abortion, are somewhat more likely to report having followed the case closely than are Democrats, independents, and “pro-choice” Americans.

People are hearing the Cleveland story — Amanda Berry’s name is on people’s lips, unlike that of Kermit Gosnell or Karnamaya Mongar, a woman who died in his clinic. They are intimately aware of the details. Part of the reason, I think, is there is a happy ending, good news to tell — right?

But here, we have the opportunity for redemption, too, in the wake of 40 years of euphemisms that led to newborn snips for in the name of “women’s health.” It’s going to be a long haul of investigation and introspection. But it’s our moral and civic duty to quit looking away from the horrific injustice being done to the innocent unborn — and newborns marked for abortion — and women. I give Leroy Carhart credit for at least being forthright with the truth in Live Action’s most recent undercover video, that abortion changes you, and that a late-term abortion means killing a baby.

Kirsten Powers gets it. Marlin Stutzman gets it. Mollie Heminway gets it. Rich Lowry gets it. Robby George and Ramesh, of course, get it. Jonah gets it. The list does, thankfully, go on — but there is a whole lot of awakening yet to happen. 

CORRECTION: This post originally attributed the Gallup poll to Pew. Apologies.