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Who’s a Hate Group?


That’s just one of the topics we ponder this week on “Need to Know.” Jay and I also examine whether the Left can create its own reality. Benghazi? Benghazi? Never heard of it. But Sheryl Attkison raises her head above the foxhole, with possibly baleful results for her career.

We consider whether the party that claims to be pro-science will grapple with two studies that came out this week — one shows no health benefits from Medicaid coverage, the other shows that gun violence has declined dramatically since 1993 (despite the loosening of gun restrictions during that same period). The latter study also shows that fewer than 1 percent of state inmates who committed gun crimes purchased their guns at gun shows.

But how many of the recent mass shooters had mental illness? 

We ponder the “remoralization” of society (the great Gertrude Himmelfarb’s phrase), the “cussedness” of our pals Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, the smearing of Nikki Haley, the moral bankruptcy of Stephen Hawking, and obeying the Five Commandments.

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