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Report: Petraeus Thought Benghazi Talking Points ‘Essentially Useless’


ABC’s Jonathan Karl, who broke news on the multiple revisions to the Obama administration’s Benghazi talking points, added a new piece to the puzzle on Sunday, revealing that then-CIA director David Petraeus thought the final product was “essentially useless.”

Those particular words are Karl’s, but he quotes from an e-mail in which Petraeus, who only put eyes on the talking points the afternoon before Susan Rice’s infamous Sunday Show tour, says of the talking points ”I would just as soon not use them, but it’s their [the White House's] call.”

The talking points had been denuded of any reference to terrorism, al-Qaeda, or Ansar al-Sharia, the local jihadist group who took credit for the murder of four Americans and the destruction of the U.S. facility in Benghazi.