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Feinstein: It Was Obvious It Was a Terrorist Attack ‘Minute It Happened’


In what was mostly a standard defense of the Obama administration, Sen. Diane Feinstein (D., Calif.) did offer some candid criticism of the administration’s slowness in recognizing the Benghazi attacks as acts of terrorism.

“I think this is a cautious administration,” Feinstein told Meet the Press’s David Gregory. ”But this is one instance where, you know, it was what it was. And you saw it. The minute you knew what happened, you knew it was a terrorist attack. And you knew these groups had camps all around the area.”

Earlier Feinstein had voiced her disapproval of the way the White House talking points were put together.

 “When you see a group going up with RPGS and weapons to break into one of our facilities, you can assume it’s a terrorist attack,” Feinstein said. ”Unfortunately, the word extremist was used which is not as crystal clear as terrorist. the real-time video which we have all seen reveals that there was virtually no defense. The militia from Libya sent to guard the embassy disappeared the minute these people came down the street. These people just walked right into the facility.”

Feinstein did not dismiss the possibility that the White House’s slowness to acknowledge Benghazi as an act of terrorism was related to the presidential campaign. 

“[It's] hard for me to tell, because I’m not sure what impact it would have had if someone had said from the administration, ‘Yes, our mission was attacked. We believe it was some terrorist groups. We need to identify which one. I don’t see what harm that would have done to the administration.”


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