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Benghazi’s ‘Political Circus’


As Andrew’s post explains, President Obama is the latest Democrat to whine that the Benghazi scandal is “political.” I’m wondering exactly how, without politics, you get political accountability – which Democrats are quite fond of when terrible things happen while Republicans are in power. The president went on to complain that we “dishonor” the American officials who were killed by “extremists” (i.e., jihadists) “when we turn things like this into a political circus.” Well no, we dishonor them when we fail to get a full accounting of the events and decisions that resulted in their killing — things like exactly what the president was doing, minute by minute, during the many hours that Americans in Benghazi were under siege, and what actions — if any — he took to come to their rescue. 

Mr. Obama is right that the “extremists” are the ones who did the killing. But Democrats have not heretofore taken the position that making sure “it doesn’t happen again” is, as Obama suggests, limited to hunting down the culpable terrorists. It has always required examining how government performed and whether officials from the president on down were derelict in failing to prevent or minimize the damage. The effort to obstruct that examination is the political circus.


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