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Reid Urges Caution on IRS Scandal: ‘No One Should Jump to Conclusions’


Harry Reid is urging his colleagues to approach the unfolding IRS scandal with caution. Speaking on the Senate floor this afternoon, Reid called the accusations made in a forthcoming inspector general’s report “very troubling,” but said that until the full report can be reviewed, “no one should jump to conclusions.” 

“I intend to take a close look at the inspector general’s report when it is released,” he said, adding, “I look forward to this report.”

IRS officials have acknowledged that staffers in a Cincinnatti field office knowingly singled out for scrutiny tea-party groups and groups critical of the government. They may also have inappropriately scrutinized the tax-exempt status of some Jewish groups. According to ABC News, which obtained an advance copy of the inspector general’s report, the targeting of these groups began in 2010 — long before the IRS acknowledged in its admission last week. 

President Obama earlier today called the agency’s actions “outrageous,” and Republican senators Mitch McConnell and Marco Rubio are calling on the agency’s head, Steve Miller, to resign.