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What the World Needs Now Is Less Abortion-Industry Oversight?


That’s what advocates for the abortion industry, like former NARAL Pro-Choice America head Kate Michelman are tripping over one another to be among the first to assure us. This comes from an e-mail in my inbox from the Women’s Law Project: 

Kate Michelman, renowned feminist and co-chair of the Women’s Law Project’s program, WomenVote PA, expressed her thoughts regarding how Gosnell’s trial served to emphasize the structural flaws and weaknesses regarding access to reproductive health care and the pitfalls of increased restrictions. “The tragic circumstances that led to women choosing to go to Gosnell’s clinic over reputable health service providers are a foreshadowing of the future if opponents of women’s reproductive rights succeed in legislating reproductive care clinics out of business,” said Michelman. “There will be many ‘Dr. Gosnell’s’ who will step into the void created by anti-abortion policies and take advantage of desperate women risking their lives,” she added.  


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