GOP Congressman: Tea Partiers Affected by IRS Scandal Should Receive Financial Compensation from Government

by Katrina Trinko

Representative Steve King is calling for the federal government to provide financial settlements to tea-party groups who were affected by the IRS’s actions, likening the discrimination they faced to that which affected the minority farmers who received the Pigford settlements.

“I believe that there is a civil recourse for the victims of this type of prejudice,” King tells National Review in an interview. “If the secretary of agriculture and the attorney general can get together and decide they’re going to distribute $4.4 billion to people who were allegedly discriminated against by the Department of Agriculture and they can do that without congressional review or oversight then we ought to be able to find a way to compensate these organizations.”

King pointed to the fact that tea-party groups, such as Tea Party Patriots, had either waited an excessively long time or had never received non-profit status from the IRS.

“I know that Eric Holder’s sitting there with a judgment fund that he can have to hand out,” King adds, referring to a fund administrated by the Justice Department to pay for settlements, including in cases where the case hasn’t gone to court yet, but the government is likely to lose. “Let’s see if they’re serious . . . if Eric Holder comes and sits down with anybody with the name tea or party or constitution or liberty. Let’s see if they’re ready to settle with those who have been discriminated against by the IRS.”



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