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Bernstein Unloads on White House Over AP Scandal


Carl Bernstein unleashed on the Obama administration in light of news that the Department of Justice obtained the telephone records of Associated Press reporters, calling it “outrageous” and “totally inexcusable.”  

“This administration has been terrible on this subject from the beginning,” he said, adding that the administration’s actions are likely to become a “nuclear event” 

Bernstein went on to slam the administration for its attempts to intimidate government sources and reporters and dismissed the idea that Department of Justice in this case was operating independently from the White House. “The idea is to try and make an example of those people who talk to reporters, especially on national-security matters,” he said. “National security is always the false claim of administrations trying to hide things that people ought to know.”

Bernstein is no stranger to presidential malfeasance. Along with his former colleague Bob Woodword, he broke the story of the Watergate scandal that led to the Richard Nixon’s resignation in 1973.

“There is no reason that a presidency that is interested in a truly free press and its functioning should permit this to happen,” he said. 



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