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Gosnell, the Morning After


After the New York Times’s initial fetus-laden online piece on the verdict in the Kermit Gosnell trial, its page-12 print-edition treatment of the verdict is one among the footnotes on the front page of the print edition of the New York Times today. 



Last night on Special Report, Kirsten Powers, who insisted Gosnell ought to be a front-page story in USA Today a little over a month ago now, was pessimistic about whether or not the Gosnell story would truly change the national conversation, so to speak, about abortion. I tend to share her skepticism. If the response of “women’s groups” and the overuse of the word fetus in the Times is any indication, along with the general lack of interest I’m sensing, people want to move on. From infanticide? From the brutal reality of late-term abortion? 

They want to look away from what J. D. Mullane describes in his NRO interview:

The barbarity of abortion and its cold, mechanized destruction of human life when that life is at its most helpless. You know, assistant DA Ed Cameron put a Planned Parenthood abortion doctor on the stand to compare and contrast a “good” abortion clinic to the hell hole Gosnell was running. Cameron asks him, doctor, how many abortions have you performed in 30 years in practice? Without missing a beat the doctor said, “40,000.” It’s a stunning number. Think of the lives vanished by one man. And the national media yawn.

I’m sorry, but we can’t look away. We must put an end to it and heal wounds. 


I propose we work with Steve’s zeal – the same sense of urgency that helped Kirsten insist on media coverage of the trial. What a tremendous opportunity this can be, to honor the lives of those who have died, who never saw beyond Gosnell’s clinic, by doing better.

We must protect our most vulnerable. We must inundate people with the gift of resources, as I talked about in New York City the other night.

NOTE: The initial sentence of this post has been corrected since posting. There are two versions of the New York Times piece — one from the website Monday, another in the print edition today. I apologize for garbling that. The famous fetus one was last night, online. This morning’s is just a wee bit buried, was the point. 



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